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Lula wins the Brazilian election.

Image Credit: REUTERS/Adriano Machado

Luiz Inacio Lula Da Silva, 70, is the next President of Brazil, after he has been declared the winner of the Brazilian General election. He secured enough votes to defeat the far-right incumbent President Jair Bolsonaro in the final round. Lula will be serving as the President of Brazil for the third time. He last got elected as President in 2006 and 2002. Lula obtained close to 51% of the votes.

Years ago, Lula was convincted of corruption over a scheme that caused $42 billion in losses for the state-run oil company Petrobras. He was convicted with money laundering in the scheme, and was also involved in huge bribery scandals. It was revealed that Lula’s political appointees handed overpriced contracts in return for bribes and illicit funding. He was eventually handed a nine and a half year jail time, but he only served 580 days after the supreme court ruled that incarcerations with pending appeal were unlawful back in 2018.

More details to follow.

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