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Oil tanker off the coast of Yemen expected to explode or sink.

Image Credit: cbsnews

A United Nations (UN) official has warned that a Yemeni supertanker, FSO Safer tank, is expected to either explode or sink creating a possible environmental and humanitarian disaster. It is believed that the supertanker, which has been abandoned since 2015 due to the civil war in Yemen, contains more than 1 million barrels of oil.

Nature Sustainability said that in the event that the supertanker sinks or explodes, the oil spill will reach the coasts of Djibouti, Eritrea and Saudi Arabia in a matter of two to three weeks. It has been predicted that such a disaster would result in havoc on food aid for 6 million people in Yemen, and disrupt access to gasoline-powered pumps and vehicles used for transporting fresh water for 8 million people. Desalination plants located close to coastal towns may also have to shut down leaving two million people without access to water. The oil spill could also affect the fishing stock in the Yemeni’s Red Sea. More details to follow.

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