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An outbreak in the Southern Italian city of Naples

Image Credit: Reuters/Ciro De Luca

A cluster of coronavirus cases were found in an area comprising of 5 buildings. Clashes between the residents in the same area was reported. Residents were seen throwing their furniture from their balconies, in response to the lockdown imposed.

Soldiers were immediately sent to the area after it was reported that three to four individuals were not following the imposed lockdown measures and still went to work. A total of 43 people were found to be infected with the virus. The authorities will keep the individuals in the area locked down from going out or any individuals from going in for 15 days according to the regional governor, Vincenzo De Luca.

In the area locked down, most residents were Bulgarian Roma and believe that the soldiers were sent was a sign of racism by the authorities. A counter protest happened with the Italians saying to the Bulgarian Roma residents to ‘go home’.

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