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Brazil coronavirus death toll surpasses 60,000

Image Credit: Reuters/Lucas Landau

In the past 24 hours, Brazil reported 1,038 deaths. It is the second worst hit country in the world after the US.

Brazil’s total death now stands at 60,813 witb 1,456,969 total cases. Brazilian Health officials reported a wave of contamination in the southern and midwestern side of the country. The number of deaths in these regions rose by 37% and 36%, respectively.

The situation in Brazil like in the US, seems to be getting worse. Jair Bolsanaro, president of Brazil is in denial and like Donald Trump, he is struggling to take it seriously.

Earlier in March, Bolsanaro got tested for the virus, and while the usual procedure involves self isolation, he refused and left isolation to join rallies.

Bolsanaro once said, ‘People are going to die, I’m sorry,’

‘But we can’t stop a car factory because there are traffic accidents’, he added.

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