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US will impose sanctions on China in retaliation for the ‘national security law’ in Hong Kong

Hong Kong protesting with an American flag

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On Wednesday, the US house of representatives authorized sanctions on China, in retaliation for their ‘national security law’. The sanctions will target police units that are cracking down on Hong Kong protesters and also the Chinese communist party members that were responsible for the introduction of this law.

Nancy Pelosi, a huge critic of Chinese violation of human rights, said, ‘All freedom- loving people must condemn this horrific law’.

Pelosi added that the law was intended to, ‘dismantle democratic freedoms in Hong Kong’.

China’s security law will further allow it to tighten its grip on Hong Kong, preventing freedom of speech and expression. Banks that do business with companies that violate the law, will be severely penalized. This law threatens the’ one country, two systems’, a system that allowed Hong Kong to enjoy democracy and flourish.

The senators will vote for the sanctions on Thursday to give final legislative approval. China, which have recently opposed UK’s offer of citizenship to 3 million Hong Kong residents, said that they will retaliate for the sanctions imposed by imposing visa restrictions on Americans.

Mike Pompeo criticized China’s move on the visa ban, and believes that it is a sign that, ‘Beijing refuses to take responsibility for its own choices’.

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