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United States reports more than 50,000 new cases.

Image Credit: Reuters

Over the past 24 hours, United States registered more than 52,982 new cases. This surge in new cases was partly due to a record increase in populous cities like Texas and California. In Texas, the surge in cases is overwhelming the hospitals. As of July 1st, around 6,900 individuals were hospitalized.

On Wednesday, Houston-Texas Medical Centre, which is the largest hospital in the US, said that around 36% of the beds are occupied by patients with COVID-19.

The surge in cases in US south and west, has prompted many states to reverse the reopening of businesses.

On Wednesday, Apple announced that it will close 30 US retail stores in 7 states.

‘This surge shows that nobody is exempt from this virus – even places that previously had very few cases’, Joe Erlinger, president of McDonalds wrote in a letter to restaurant operators. Officials believe that the spread of the virus was aided by the early reopening of some states. Many companies are rethinking their plans of bringing back their workers to their offices.

Some of the increases have been related to the Memorial day celebrations that was held in late May. Health officials are worried about Independence day celebrations this weekend, where a lot of people usually go the beaches to watch the fireworks.

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