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UK scraps quarantine rules for British tourists returning back

Image Credit: Jose Jordan/AFP

United Kingdom decided to scrap quarantine rules for up to 50 countries. British tourists are free to go places like Spain and Italy, and returnback to the UK, without the need to self-isolate or 14 days. Transport secretary, Grant Shapps said, that the UK will use a so called ‘traffic light system’ to identify the prevalence of the virus in each of the 50 countries.

The ‘traffic light system’ apparently rates countries based on their safety to travel. Green is considered as safe, while red is unsafe. British tourists that go to ‘green’ list of countries will not need to do 14-day quarantine, while those from ‘red’ list of countries, will have to self isolate themselves upon arrival to the UK. Countries in the ‘Red’ list includes, United States, Brazil, Mexico and Russia.

Some ministers were uncomfortable about the idea of dismantling the quarantine policy, while the city of Leicester has been locked down due to a surge of cases a few days ago.

‘We will be easing health measures at the border by allowing passengers arriving from specific countries and territories to be exempted from self-isolation requirements’, a spokesman said.

Also, this morning, Boris Johnson announced that gyms will most likely open in a matter of weeks, as the lockdown measures ease.

Since the pandemic started there were 313,483 cases, Boris Johnson being one of the infected. The total death toll now stands at 43,995.

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