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French Prime Minister revealed that only localized lockdowns will be now be pursued

Image Credit: Gonzalo Fuentes/Reuters

French Prime Minister, Jean Castex, revealed on Wednesday, that an outbreak in any region of France would not mean an imposition of a nationwide lockdown. Mr. Castex said that localized lockdown in the area affected would be enforced.

The country had a nationwide lockdown from mid-March to May 11, to lessen the spread of the virus. Restrictions on gatherings of a lot of people are still in place.

The Prime Minister also said, ‘We must be ready for a second wave, but we would not proceed to a general lockdown like in March, as that has terrible economic and human consequences. Any new lockdown would be targeted.’

Mr. Castex also confirmed that the government decided on an increased wage to all hospital workers. Around 7.5 billion euros will be committed to raise their wages. Unions wanted this amount to be 9 billion euros, but the government agreed only on the 7.5 billion due to the stressful situation the economy is in.

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