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Bolsonaro tests positive for coronavirus

Image Credit: Andressa Anholete/Getty Images

The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsanaro tested positive for the coronavirus, Globo news reported.

Bolsonaro, 65 presented with symptoms consistent with a coronavirus infection, which includes a fever of 38°C, and a persistent cough. He took the COVID-19 test on Monday night. The Brazilian newspaper, O Globo, reported that Bolsonaro felt tired on Saturday night, after eating lunch with US ambassador, Todd Chapman in Brasilia.

An MRI of the President’s lungs was also done. Bolsonaro said that the MRI result was good, and his lungs were clear.

On Tuesday, he announced his positive result to the reporters. At one point, he removed his mask, smiling and said, ‘Just look at my face. I’m well, fine, thank God… Thanks to all those who have been praying for me…and those who criticize me, no problem, carry on criticizing as much as you like.’

The president, a natural ally of Donald Trump, downplayed the risks the virus poses, and did not follow social distancing rules. Bolsonaro attended huge rallies wearing the mask incorrectly or not wearing it at all.

He dismissed the coronavirus as ‘a little flu’, and criticized the governors that imposed lockdowns. He also called on all Brazilians to go to work, in an effort to prevent an economic crash.

Brazil is the second worst hit country in the world. As of today, the number of cases stands at 1,628,283. The number of deaths reached 65,631.

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