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Israel reports a new daily record high.

Image Credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Israel was initially one of the countries that took swift action early on, by closing their borders and imposing restrictions, to control the spread of the virus. It did work, but after the reopening of the economy in May, the number of cases started to steadily increase. On Tuesday, Israel reported 1,681 new cases.

The Health Ministry Director, General Hezi Levi said that the government is trying to avoid another lockdown. The lockdown, that lasted until May forced 1 million people out of their jobs. Companies and businesses in general are struggling to survive.

Israel’s Ministry of Finance reported that the economy shrank by 6%, and the unemployment is above 20%. This sparked protests a few day ago, where protesters showed their discontent in the government handling of the pandemic. The protests were organized by several businesses owners that did not yet receive the promised aid by the government. Read more about the protests using this link:

‘A general lockdown is without a doubt one of the tools that we try our utmost to avoid reaching for,’ General Levi said to Israel Radio. He said that it still remains an option.

The total number of cases is now 41,235, while the number of deaths is 368.

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