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Wearing masks to become mandatory in France

Image Credit: Ian Langsdon, Pool via AP

The President of France, Emmanuel Macron, has announced that in the next few weeks he will introduce a law that will make it compulsory to wear masks in shops and other enclosed spaces.

France got out of a 2-month lock-down in May and reopened restaurants and bars in June. In recent weeks, the reproduction rate of the virus steadily increased to reach 1. This means that a person infected with the virus is infecting one other person.

This new law will be introduced to minimize the spread of the virus after according to Macron, the number of cases is starting to increase.

‘We have signs that it’s coming back a bit.’ ‘Faced with that, we must anticipate and prepare.’

‘I want us, in the next few weeks, to make masks compulsory in enclosed public spaces.’

‘I ask fellow citizens to wear masks as much as possible when they are outside, and especially so when they are in an enclosed space,’ Mr. Macron concluded.

The President also said during the Bastille Day national holiday, that he wants testing to be available for everyone, without the need to be referred by a doctor.

As of Tuesday, France’s total number of cases since the pandemic began is 172,377. The number of deaths is 30,029.

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