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A surge in cases in Canada.

Image Credit: Canadian Press/Rex/Shutterstock

In recent weeks, Canada had successfully controlled the virus, after managing to steadily decrease the number of cases. Unfortunately, on Friday, a top medical officer said that a surge in cases occurred this week, and seems worrisome.

This week there was an average of 350 cases daily, up from 300 last week.

Howard Njoo, the deputy chief public health officer, said that, ‘When we examine recent trends in case reporting, there is some cause for concern. After a period of steady decline, daily case counts have started to rise.’

The increase in the number of cases is being attributed to gatherings of young people in bars and nightclubs. This was determined by an increase in cases that coincided with an increase in cases in young people that went to bars and nightclubs.

Mr. Njoo said, ‘This coincides with increasing reports of individuals contracting COVID-19 at parties, nightclubs and bars as well as increasing rates of transmission among young Canadians.’

As of today, Canada reported a total of 109,835 cases, with 8,841 deaths, much less than its neighbor.


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