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WHO says that Brazil coronavirus cases is not rising exponentially anymore.

Image Credit: Fabio Teixeira – Anadolu Agency

The World Health Organization (WHO) has said that based on the number of the daily cases, it seems that Brazil COVID-19 curve has plateaued. This comes one day after Brazil marked its 2 million coronavirus cases.

The WHO Executive Director Michael Ryan said, ‘The rise in Brazil is no longer exponential.’

‘There is a plateau, there is an opportunity here now for Brazil to push the disease down, to suppress the transmission of the virus, to take control.’ Mr. Ryan continued by saying that it will take, ‘sustained, concerted action’.

Brazil is the epicenter of the virus in Latin America. While cases in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo have stabilized, in other regions, there was an increase in cases. The North East and South East region of the country are experiencing more cases, as the transmission of the virus seems to have increased in poorer regions. Nevertheless, the country’s daily number of cases is not increasing.

The WHO Executive Director Michael Ryan concluded by saying that, ‘The number have stabilized, nut what they haven’t done is start to fall in a systematic, day-by-day way.’ He added that, ‘Brazil is still very much in the middle of the fight.’

On Friday, Brazil reported 34,177 new cases and 1,163 deaths. This puts the total number of cases to 2,053,174 and a death toll of 78,097.


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