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Outbreak in a chicken slaughterhouse in Lohne

Image Credit: PHW

On Thursday, a chicken slaughterhouse in Lohne, Germany confirmed that 66 employees tested positive for the virus. A total of 1,046 swabs were taken.

The slaughterhouse is owned by Wiesenhof Group’s Oldenburger Geflügelspezialitäten (OGS). Lohne is located in lower Saxony between Minden and Bielefeld. The average number of cases is now 41.13 in Lohne. If this reaches 50, Germany will be able to impose new restrictions.

This comes a month after an outbreak occurred in a slaughterhouse in Gutersloh a month ago. These outbreaks did not happen just in Germany. Other countries reported outbreaks in slaughterhouses. Experts said that the reason these outbreaks occur in these slaughterhouses is because of the cramped and poor conditions and also little sanitation measures.

As of today, Germany reported a total of 202,581 cases with 9,165 deaths.

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