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Reliance on food banks increases in France.

Image Credit: Reuters/Brian Synder

Coronavirus has brought about financial problems in France. In what is considered to be its worst recession since World War 2, more people are flocking to food banks, after they are not surviving financially.

Hamza, an engineering student said, ‘Before the crisis, I never thought I’d be here.’

‘I work while studying, earning €500 to €600 a month, so i thought it was enough. I never thought I’d have to come here.’

Natalia, who used to work as an assistant in a cake shop was furloughed and is afraid that she will permanently lose her job. She is now using the food bank, since she cannot survive financially.

‘With all the loans we have, the children, parental leave and then being furloughed, it has been difficult for us to survive financially,’ she said.

There are 2 major food bank suppliers in France, and they rely on distribution centres to get food. They supply food for more than 200 charities.

Charity Restos du Coeur said that they have experienced 20-30% more people than usual, since the pandemic started.

The French government has recently warned that around 8 million people might need food aid by the end of this year.

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