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France makes masks mandatory

Image Credit: picture-alliance/abaca/E. Blondet

France made it compulsory to wear masks in all enclosed spaces. Masks were already compulsory in public transport, but from Monday, masks became compulsory in places like shops.

French authorities, decided that this is the best course of action, amid fresh outbreaks. Health minister, Oliver Veran said that in France there were around 400-500 active clusters of the coronavirus.

The North-West and East side of France is experiencing a surge in cases. Mayenne is one of the worst hit. The rate of infections in Mayenne quadrupled in June. It passed the threshold of 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants. This means more restrictions will be imposed.

In general, France still managed to control the virus from spiraling our of control as it was a few months back. President Macron on June said that France has ‘declared a first victory’ over the virus, and ended the national state of emergency.

Anyone caught violating the new rule will face a fine of €135 ($154).

The total number of cases in France is now 174,674. There were 30,152 deaths since the pandemic began.


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