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Bolsonaro tests positive again

Image Credit: AFP

The President of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro tested positive again for the third time. It has been reported that the Brazilian President is in good condition. He announced that he was positive for the virus on 7th July, when he presented with low grade fever over the weekend.

Bolsonaro was heavily criticized for how he handled the COVID-19 crisis in Brazil. He repeatedly dismissed the virus as a ‘little flu’ and he did not acknowledge its danger to the population.In fact, he refused to wear masks, while attending rallies and ignored social distancing. The Brazilian President is a huge ally of the American President, Donald Trump, who like Bolsonaro, is also dismissing the threat the virus poses. Both Presidents repeatedly regarded the hydroxychloroquine drug as a treatment of the virus, disregarding what the health officials were saying about the dangers the drug poses to the body. Health officials also said, that the drug does not work on COVID-19.

Brazil is now the second worst hit country in the world, just after United States. Luckily, the number of cases are not increasing exponentially anymore, prompting the World Health Organization to call on Brazilian authorities to act while they can to decrease the daily number of cases.

On Wednesday, Brazil reported 41,0087 cases and 1,367 deaths. The total number of cases is 2,178,159, and 81,828 deaths.

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