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Australia reports its deadliest day of the pandemic

Image Credit: David Crosling/AAP

On Sunday, Australia reported its deadliest day since the pandemic began, despite a lock down in Melbourne. Over the past 24 hours, authorities reported 450 new cases. An outbreak in aged care facilities resulted in seven fatalities. Victoria Premier Daniel Andrews said that three other people not related to the aged care sector died, which brings the total to ten people, with an age range between 40-80.

One man in his 40s died making him the youngest person to succumb to coronavirus in Victoria. Mr. Andrews said that it was not confirmed if the man had an underlying condition.

On Sunday, during his statement, he said, ‘ We send our best wishes to each and every one of those families.’ He also reminded young Victorians that they are not immune to the virus, ‘There is no reason for anybody to think that because they are otherwise fit or because they are not in their 80s, then somehow they have essentially got a vaccine for this. They just don’t. Everybody is susceptible.’

Despite the surge in cases in recent weeks, Victoria had less demand for ambulances. The CEO of Ambulance Victoria, Professor Tony Walker, said that an increased need for ambulances would strain the health system.

He said that ‘We look overseas to places like London, look over to places like New York, et cetera, where they’ve seen exponential growth in ambulance service demand. We are prepared for that.’

In preparation for a possible increase demand, Australian Defence Forces will be given first responder training. They will be able to carry equipment and also drive, while the paramedics deliver care to the patients. ‘We’ve worked with Defence closely particularly during the bushfires, and the relationship we found working with them is phenomenal.’

‘We find that the nature of the military approach fits in nicely with the same approach that we’re taking in supporting care in the community.’ Para-medic students and off-roster paramedics were also utilized to bolster the health teams and aided in contact tracing of coronavirus cases.

The State of Victoria remains sealed from the rest of Australia, with Police and military soldiers guarding the state borders and doing spot checks to enforce quarantine rules.

The total number of cases is 14,403 and 155 deaths.

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