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Death toll in the Bangladesh Mosque explosion rises.

Image Credit: AFP

Two days ago a gas leak led to an explosion in a Mosque in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Read more about this here:

On Sunday, the death toll from the mosque explosion has risen to 24. Officials believe that a gas leakage led to the explosion, but authorities are examining, how it could have happened. Doctors in the Dhaka’s State-run specialized burns unit, said that 37 people are currently being treated. All of these have 90% burns.

Mohammad Ratan, a local resident described what he saw moments after the explosion, ‘I saw smoke was belching out of the mosque after the sudden explosion with a big bang and people were screaming. Some were rolling on the street as they tried to put out the flames on their bodies.’

Construction safety regulations in Bangladesh are often flouted, with hundreds die every year due to fires. Faulty installation of gas lines are also a common thing in Bangladesh, and unplanned road digging tends to lead to disasters.

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