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Iran launches a new type of advanced nuclear centrifuge.

Iranian centrifuges in Natanz uranium enrichment facility. Image Credit: AP

Iran has launched a new type of advanced centrifuge in response to an explosion in Natanz enrichment facility, back in early July. Iranian authorities believe that the explosion at the facility was a sabotage.

The facility containing the advanced centrifuges will replace the facility that was badly damaged by the explosion on July 2nd. The head of Iran Atomic Agency, Ali Akbar Salehi said on public television that ‘It was decided to create a more modern, larger and more improved station in the heart of the mountains around Natanz, and the implementation of this project has started.’

‘We started the preliminary work by supplying the equipment and setting up a series of production chambers for advanced centrifuges,’ Mr. Salehi added.

These type of centrifuges are used to enrich uranium, which is what is needed to produce a nuclear bomb. This enrichment of the Uranium has resumed after United States ignored the 2015 nuclear agreement in Iran, and imposed sanctions anyway. The 2015 nuclear agreement relieved Iran from the sanctions in exchange for them to stop enriching Uranium.

After Donald Trump, ignored the 2015 nuclear agreement, Iran immediately responded by starting enriching uranium. Since than, a number of mystery explosions and fires happened all around the country, usually in military sites. Check these links to read about the latest mystery explosions and fire accidents in Iran.

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