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Major explosion in a Vietnamese product tanker.

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According to Vietnamese authorities an explosion ripped through a product tanker killing one crewmen. The tanker affected is Trung Thao 36-BLC in the port of Dung Quat, located in the North of Quang Ngai. The ship is owned by Ha Thao Shipping.

The product tanker was anchored in the port with 12 crewmen when at 06.34am, an explosion struck cargo tank number 3. By 07.45am, the fire was brought under control. One reportedly died. The explosion severely damaged the ship, having a huge hole in the hull and severe damage in the port side. The ship had no port state inspection control (PSC). The latter involves the inspection of foreign ships to determine the condition of the ship and their equipment onboard. Any deficiencies would have to be rectified.

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