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Multiple explosions in a natural gas plant in India.

Image Credit: Twitter/Siddhartha1401

On Thursday, multiple explosions were reported in ONGC Hazira plant at 3am Indian time. The plant located in Surat, in the Gujarat State, suffered a total of three blasts, which led to a massive fire affecting the main terminal line.

Dr. Dhaval Patel, Surat district collector said ‘The incident took place at ONGC Hazira plant where a vapor cloud of hydro carbon was sighted. A fire broke out at 3.05am after three consecutive blasts. Several fire tenders are at the spot and trying to bring the blaze under control.’

Dr. Patel also said ‘The fire that took place in the gas terminal plant and the technical activity to reduce the air pressure has been carried out by the ONGC officials. Slowly, the fire is being brought under control. There is no need to shift people in the area. No casualties have been reported so far.’

The shockwaves from the blast could be felt from 3-4 km away, shaking buildings and destroying windows. Some locals even reported hearing the explosions from 20 km away.

Firefighters were quickly dispatched to the scene, and managed to control the massive blaze. Gas valves at Surat airport, and nearby villages were immediately shut down, and people were urged to wear wet cloth masks, if they are located in the vicinity of the gas factory, due to the harmful smoke. Firefighters said that all fires have been contained in the plant’s chimneys, and it did not enter the pipelines.

The cause of the blasts is still unknown, but an investigation is underway. It is being suspected that the explosion was caused due to a pressure valve burst.

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