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Explosion in a chemical plant in central China.

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On Monday, at 2.15pm China time, an explosion ripped through the chemical plant, killing five and injuring one. The chemical plant is located in the Yuekou Industrial Park in the city of Tianmen, west of Wuhan, and is owned by Tianmen Chutian Fine Chemical Company.

A search and rescue team went to the site, and the injured was rushed to the hospital. An investigation is underway to identify the cause of the explosion. The explosion seem to have happened, while the equipment was being tested in the chemical plant. The company manufactures drugs.

Witnesses saw a large plume of smoke coming from the chemical plant. One witness said that he saw yellow smoke coming out of the plant, indicating the possibility of nitric acid leak. Residents in the area complained that the company often released gases in the surroundings, causing irritation to those in the vicinity.

Unfortunately, industrial accidents in China occur frequently due to low workplace safety, and disregard for regulations. The most recent one, occurred in August, where an explosion in Hubei city killed six and injured four people.

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