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China is holding simultaneous military drills in four seas.

Image Credit: AP

On Monday, the Chinese army began 5 military exercises on different parts of its coast. It is the second time that the Chinese army is conducting simultaneous exercises in two months. China frequently conducts military exercises, but simultaneous military exercises rarely occur.

One of the military exercises is occurring in the East China Sea, one in Bohai Sea, and two military exercises near Paracel islands. The fifth exercise, which is a live-fire exercise will occur in the Yellow Sea. The live-fire exercise started on Monday, and will continue until Wednesday. The Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) announced the closure of all the areas for all ships.

China has clashes with several countries over the South China Sea. Recently, Taiwan and China exchanged threats, with Taiwan saying that it is ready to defend its land, if it is attacked by China. Chinese warplanes violated Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone daily the past two weeks, and they were infuriated when Taiwan accepted a US diplomatic team in their country. They retaliated by carrying out a naval military drill.

China is also not on good terms with Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia, over its aggressive territorial claims in the South China. They turned several disputed coral reefs, and islands into fortified islands, to assert control over waters which are not theirs. In one of the disputed islands, reconnaissance planes found an airfield.

An aerial view of Mabini reef in the disputed Spratley islands in the South China Sea. China has fortified islands like these. Image Credit: Armed Forces of Philippines.

China also has disputes with India over the Ladakh region, where a few months ago, it witnessed a macabre battle between Indian and Chinese soldiers, fought only with their bare hands. Read more about India-China’s tension over the Eastern Ladakh region here:

On Sunday, India announced that it will send tanks, food, ammunition, fuel and heavy weaponry in Eastern Ladakh region, in preparation for the harsh Winter of 4 months, where temperatures of -35°C are commonly recorded. India sent T-72 and T-90 tanks to sensitive areas which includes Chushul and Demchock sectors.

Indian tanks battle ready for any possible Chinese aggression. Image Credit : Manjeet Singh Negi/ India Today

India has also reportedly flown Su-30MKIs near the Line of Actual Control (LAC) to check Chinese air activity. Indian army also deployed missiles of Russian and Israeli origin in the area. China has upgraded its posts in the regions, and sent in more troops and heavy equipment in the region, along with a large number of fighter jets.


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