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Turkish F-16 downs an Armenian SU-25 jet, in the third day of fighting.

SU-25 jet. Image Credit: alexeyvvo

On Tuesday, the Armenian Defense Ministry said that a Turkish F-16 shot at and destroyed a SU-25 Armenian jet inside Armenian airspace, killing the pilot.

Today, marks the third day of fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the Nagorno-Karabakh region, a dispute they had since the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Turkey has already threatened Armenia that if needs they will provide military assistance to Azerbaijan against the ‘Armenian aggression. The downing of an Armenian jet by Turkey marks an escalation in the war between the two former soviet countries.

The Armenian Defense Ministry said that the Turkish F-16 left from Ganca airbase inside Azerbaijan, before shooting down the Armenian jet. Turkish F-16s starting taking off from Ganca airbase from today at 10:30am. Both Azerbaijan and Turkey deny this.

Earlier, Armenia announced that if Turkey uses its F-16 jets to attack Armenia, they will use the Iskander ballistic missiles against them.

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