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Explosion in gas power plant in Yelahanka, India.

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Early on Friday, an explosion occurred at a 370MW gas power plant in Yelahanka, owned by Karnataka Power Corporation. Indian authorities reported that 15 engineers were injured from the blast. Two are critical.

According to local residents from the village of Puttenhalli, the explosion occurred at 3am in the morning. Soon afterwards, several ambulances were seen rushing to the site, taking the engineers to the closest hospital.

The police of Yelahanka refused to call it a blast, and instead described the incident as a gas leak. KPCL officials explained that a gas leak resulted in a blast, due to one turbine that was about to start operating in a few days. A senior official of KPCL talked to reporters of DH and said,

It was an unfortunate incident and we would term it rather a freak accident. Despite putting in place all safety measures, the incident happened at the site while testing the gas turbine before its actual commissioning.’

The official also elaborated on the burn injuries that the 15 engineers sustained. He said that 15 engineers had around 10-15% burn injuries, while one AEE is critical with more than 50% burn injuries. The injured were taken to different private hospitals.

KPCL said that a ‘Root cause analysis’ will be carried out to determine what caused the accident.

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