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A COVID-19 testing robot that can bring back the economy.

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A Taiwanese tech firm is advertising a new robot, named QVS-96, that can process up to 2000 COVID-19 tests a day. The Taipei based biotech company, TCI Gene, said that using this robot, will allow economies to resume business as usual while testing is still carried out as usual.

The QVS-96 robot is a fully automatic virus scanner robot, and makes use of three arms. These robotic arms allows it to handle a large number of test samples, without any output from medical laboratory scientists. The Chief supervisor of the biotech company, Arvin Chen, said that the QVS-96 robot can initially process up to 96 samples in three hours and 30 minutes, but can than process the same amount of samples every 60 to 70 minutes. It utilizes qPCR technology with an accuracy of around 99.99%. The company says that COVID-19 testing using this robot, would not jeopardize the quality standards needed to process samples, and they boasted that the robot achieves the same safety and quality standards as if the samples are being worked in a normal laboratory.

Mr.Chen said that this robot can be deployed in locations such as major airports, allowing operations to resume, but COVID-19 testing will still be carried out, but at a faster rate. The COVID-19 tests results of all passengers per flight can be released in just 4 hours. Mr. Chen said,

These airports can fully resume their flights and let the passengers travel safely and bring back the country’s economy.’

QVS-96 also allows the differentiation between someone who has the flu and someone who has coronavirus. This is vital for the coming months, when the nations of the Northern Hemisphere enter the Winter season.

Recently, the biotech company announced that it made an agreement to make the QVS-96 robot available to worldwide distribution. Earlier this year, the US Food and Drug administration was officially registered, which allows it to be sold in the US.

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