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Germany to begin partial lock-down on Nov 2nd.

Image Credit: Cristof Stache/ AFP via Getty Images

On Wednesday, Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel announced that Germany will begin its partial lockdown on Monday, November 2nd. Known as ‘lockdown light’, it is a less intense version of the lockdown implemented in Germany last spring. The lockdown will last a month. The German Chancellor said to a press conference,

We are in a very serious situation. We must act, and now, to avoid an acute national health emergency.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Germany and France announced new lockdowns on the same day, but France’s version of the lockdown is harsher. The lockdown in France will start on Friday, October 30, and people would be allowed to go out only for medical reasons and essential work. In Germany, the lockdown, will mean that these restrictions will be in place:

  • All large events cancelled.
  • Bars and restaurants to close, except for take-away.
  • Overnight stays in hotels for entertainment purposes are banned.
  • No sports or any events which attracts crowds.
  • Theatres, cinemas, gyms, swimming pools and saunas will be closed.
  • Teleworking is strongly encouraged.
  • Unnecessary travel is strongly discouraged.
  • Public meetings can only occur if the people come from a maximum of two households, with a maxium of ten people allowed.

What will be allowed during the lockdown in Germany:

  • Borders will remain open.
  • Shops will remain open, but there are restrictions regarding the amount of customers per 10 square metres (only one).
  • Kindergardens and schools will remain open.
  • Nursing homes will be allowed to accept visitors.
  • Both church services and protests will also be allowed.

Angela Merkel said that intensive care units are rapidly reaching their capacity. Over the past 10 days, the number of people in intensive care units has doubled. She also said,

If infections continue at this rate, we will be at the limits of the capacities of our health system. That is why this is a difficult day today, also for political decision-makers, I want to say this explicitly because we know what we are putting people through.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel

State and Federal leaders will meet again in two weeks to assess the progress and to determine if more measures are required. Merkel also promised financial support to firms that will severely affected.

We will compensate affected companies, institutions and clubs.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel

It is believed that up to €10 billion will be allocated to firms for financial assistance. Companies that have up till 50 employees, and those self-employed will receieve 75% of their income as part of the support package. Emergency loans will also be provided to those self-employed.

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  1. All these draconian lockdowns are far worse than the disease itself. The world needs to get back to living life. This virus is NOT going away anytime soon, and we cannot continue with these lockdowns, that are making matters far worse on many, many different levels.


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