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Czech Republic reports 13,605 cases.

Image Credit: Michal Cizek/AFP

On Saturday, Czech Republic reported 13,605 cases and 216 deaths, making it one of the worst hit country in Europe. On Friday, Czech Republic extended its state of emergency till November 20th as cases continued to increase, straining an already strained health system.

Some believe that the healthcare system has already collapsed, as in some regions teenagers have been recruited to aid doctors and nurses. According to Dr. Milan Kubek, it is estimated that around 1000 healthcare workers get infected every day. Considering that the population is 10 million, the rate of infection among healthcare workers is very high.

The head ER doctor Jiri Vyhnal said,

The health care system in the Czech Republic already collapsed because hospitals, with a few exceptions, are not able to provide long-term care for non-covid patients.

Jiri Vyhnal

In the hospitals, there is a sense of fear, as a lot of people are getting infected. The infection rate in Czech Republic is six times higher than in United States. Around one in 63 people are currently infected with the coronavirus.

To make matters worse, Czech Republic changed its health minister three times, due to incompetence and disregard for COVID-19 measures. Recently, the second health minister, Roman Prymula, was caught eating at a restaurant that should have been closed under his own orders. He was replaced by Jan Blatny.

As of Saturday, Czech Republic reported 323,673 cases and 3,078 deaths since the pandemic began.


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