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6.3 magnitude earthquake strikes Eastern Indonesia.

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On Sunday, a 6.3 magnitude earthquake struck Eastern Indonesia in the province of Maluku. No damage or casualties has been reported, and the meteorology and geophysics agency did not issue a tsunami alert.

The agency said that the earthquake struck at 10.43pm and its epicentre was 193km Northeast Maluku Barat Daya district, with a depth of 196km. No giant waves were triggered as a result of the quake.

Yushua Philippus, head of the Disaster Management Agency said,

It is safe. No damages were caused by the tremors. In the closest area with the epicentre, Babar island, we have checked. It is safe there.

Yushua Philippus

Indonesia is frequently struck by earthquakes as it lies in a vulnerable quake zone known as the ‘Pacific Ring of Fire’. Back in 2018, an earthquake that struck the island of Sulawesi killed 832 people, and the earthquake of 2004 reached a magnitude of around 9.1 and created huge devastation in the West coast of Northern Sumatra in Indonesia, resulting in the loss of 227,898 lives.

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