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South Korea reports 124 new cases.

Image Credit: AP

On Sunday, South Korea reported 124 new cases and two deaths. The daily number of new cases has surged beyond 100 for the fifth consecutive day due to a small cluster of cases in Seoul.Of the 124 new cases, 45 were from Seoul, 36 were living in Gyeonoggi province. Also, 23 cases were imported.

On Sunday, South Korea announced that it will expand the mandatory use of masks in spas, wedding halls and other areas, in an attempt to prepare for a lengthy COVID-19 outbreak. Even though South Korea managed to contain the virus when compared to most Western nations, the surge in cases beyond 100 for five straight days has prompted officials to take swift action to the stop the number of cases from continuing to rise.

South Korea has also announced a five-tier social distancing measure, which will replace the previous three-tiered system. This was done to minimize the closure of small businesses that have been hit hard.

As of Sunday, South Korea reported 26,635 and 466 deaths since the pandemic began.

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