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Iran to close Mosques, schools due to another surge in coronavirus cases.

Image Credit: AP

Iranian authorities announced that as from Wednesday, Mosques, schools, gyms, cafes, beauty salons, universities, gyms, museums and swimming will be closed for 10 days in 25 of the 31 Iranian provinces. A total of 46 counties will be affected by the closures.

In the capital, Tehran, the closure of cinemas, libraries, beauty houses and fitness clubs has been extended by a week.

Iran is attempting to curb the spread of the virus, where once again is surging in the Middle Eastern country, which is considered to be one of the worst hit in the region. On Friday, Iran reported 7,820 cases and 486 deaths. The highest single day death toll occurred on October 28, when 415 patients died.

Iranian authorities blamed the spread of the virus due to people failing to follow COVID-19 measures. President Hassan Rouhani said that an operations headquarters will be set up to ensure compliance. Police will conduct checks, and if any businesses will be found operating, they will be shut down.

Some analysts believe that the current spread of the virus in Iran, especially Tehran is far worse than what the government has revealed. A full lock-down is not possible, and the Iranian President has ignored that suggestion, as Iran’s economy is already in shambles due to US sanctions, and would most likely not cope if it goes through it.

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