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Philippines reports 2,298 new cases.

Image Credit: AP

On Monday, Philippines reported 2,298 new coronavirus cases and 32 deaths. It has also been reported that this number excludes results from 14 testing laboratories, which failed to submit their results to the authorities in time.

Philippines is the second worst hit country in South East Asia after Indonesia. Masks are mandatory, and social distancing is strict. In Churches’ benches only three people are allowed to sit, compared to the usual ten people that it used to accommodate before COVID-19. This allowed for a downward trend in coronavirus cases in the country. The Department of Health said that the number of cases in the last two weeks was 25% less (an average of 1,817), than the amount recorded three to four weeks ago (an average of 2,517).

Currently, Philippines is also dealing with a typhoon, named typhoon Goni, that has caused havoc and destruction, with winds reaching up to 310km/hr. It is believed that 1 million people have been affected by the typhoon, and 16 people died. The typhoon is straining an already strained healthcare system. The number of dead is expected to go higher. Authorities are urging people affected to try to still maintain social distancing, and make use of the masks.

As of Monday, Philippines reported 385,400 cases and 7,269 deaths since the pandemic began.

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