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4 dead in Vienna terrorist attack.

Image Credit: Getty Images

A series of shootings occurred in Central Vienna Monday night, that started near Stadttempel synagogue. The terrorist attack was believed to be connected to the Islamic State terrorist group.

The shooting began Monday night at 8pm, when multiple gunmen opened fire in six locations on civilians in restaurants, enjoying their last day, before a lock-down will be implemented. Police managed to kill one of the gunmen, and soon afterwards arrested 4 suspects. Another gunmen is still on the loose. The Austrian government has deployed the army to guard important sites, and special forces to combat the terrorists.

The Interior Minister Karl Mehammer urged all citizens to remain indoors while the terrorist is caught. Four people have been reported to have died during the attack, and around 7 are in critical condition. Around 10 citizens are also being treated for minor injuries.The Minister said that schools will remain open, but children are not obliged to go.

At a press conference the Interior Minister said on Monday night that,

The most difficult day Austria has had in many years.

Interior Minister Karl Mehammer

Several countries expressed their support to Austria. Austrian authorities are urging people not to share videos or photos as it might interfere with the police operation. Czech police said that they will be patrolling their border with Austria for the missing terrorist.


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