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Super Typhoon heading to South China Sea.

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The Indonesian Meteorology and Geophysics agency (BMKG) has warned residents to prepare for severe weather, as Typhoon Goni approaches the South China Sea.

Typhoon Goni has caused devastation in Philippines and 17 people have lost their lives on Sunday. The typhoon caused floods and mudslides, toppled trees and destroyed thousands of buildings. Around 2 million people were affected. It has been reported that eight towns on Catanduanes will most likely have no electricity for several months, as more than 80% if electricity posts were toppled.

BKMG deputy Herizal said that the typhoon had developed into a category 5 tropical cyclone.

Typhoon Goni, which has developed into a Category 5 tropical cyclone, is a call for caution because it may trigger high waves, thunderstorms and strong winds in several regions in Indonesia.

BKMG director Herizal.

The typhoon originated on the western side of the Pacific sea, and than swept over the Philippines, where now it is heading to the South China Sea. This month alone, the South China Sea and Pacific Sea experienced seven tropical cyclones.

Tropical cyclones have much higher wind velocity than tropical storms.

BKMG director Herizal.

Typhoon Goni is considered to be the most powerful storm of 2020, with winds reaching nearly 180mph. It is the worst storm to hit Philippines since 2013.

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