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Israel attempts to stop all international flights to Beirut, Lebanon.

Beirut Airport. Image Credit: AFP

A legal team in Israel is attempting to stop all international flights to Israel, and is attempting to seek measures against airlines and insurance companies that do not comply.

In the Israeli newspaper, Israel Hayom, the legal team said that they sent warning letters to major airlines to cease their flights to the airport. The airlines include Lufthansa, Air France, British Airway. They said that airlines operating flights to and from Beirut airport would risk in breaking international law, and would be committing war crimes. Airlines would be endangeribg both their crew and passengers if they go the Beirut airport, as they could be used as human shields by Hezbollah. Legal action would be taken immediately, if the airlines do not comply.

The legal team also said that all companies must suspend their services for the airport, as they said, that the airport is a nest for Hezbollah, a terrorist organization Israel waged a huge war back in 2006. Hezbollah is considered a terrorist organization by most countries of the World.

The letter that the legal team regarding the Beirut airport said:

The Beirut International Airport has become a hornet’s nest for Hezbollah.

Israel Legal Team.

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has repeatedly said that Hezbollah stores weapons near the airport , and has shown where the missiles and other weapons are stored.

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