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South Australia facing the second wave after an outbreak in a hotel.

Image Credit: Kelly Barnes/Getty Images

The Australian government has immediately ceased all international flights to South Australia after 17 new cases were found in a quarantine hotel, specifically for return travellers, in Adelaide. The finding of this new cluster on Monday, prompted officials to take swift action.

Time is now the essence and we must act swiftly and decisively. We cannot wait to see how bad this gets. We must act swiftly and decisively on the health advice to stay ahead of the game.

Premier Steven Marshall

The Premier Steven Marshall announced new restrictions that will start from Tuesday, for two weeks. These include capping of 100 people in bars, clubs and restaurants, private gatherings must not exceed 50, private residence gatherings must not exceed 10 people. Also, gyms, recreational facilities, play cafes and trampoline centres will be closed. Cinemas can accept only one person per four square metres.

The State Chief Health Officer Professor Nicola Spurrier said,

What we are facing is, indeed, a second wave but we haven’t got [to] the second wave yet. We are in very, very early days. So the first thing we need to do, from my team’s point of view, is the testing, contact tracing and getting people into quarantine very, very quickly.

Professor Nicola Spurrier

Fifteen of the seventeen cases were linked to one family. The State’s Health authorities are currently contact tracing 90 staff in the Lyell McEwin hospital after they came into contact with a person in their 80s that had the virus.

In response to the outbreak in South Australia, other Australian regions- Tasmania, Queensland, North Australiaand Western Australia, will impose 14 day quarantine for all travellers coming from South Australia.

The Prime Minister, Scott Morrisson travelled to Victoria for the first time since February. He talked on 3AW radio about South Australia where he said:

It’s a reminder even after a lockdown, even after all of this time, the virus hasn’t gone anywhere and it can be activated, and that’s why none of us can be off our game.

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