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Japan reports more than 2000 cases.

Image Credit: Reuters

On Wednesday, for the first time, Japan reported 2,116 cases, a new daily high for the country. Also, 12 new fatalities were reported, For the third consecutive day, Japan reported a daily record of cases. Experts believe that Japan could be experiencing the third wave of the coronavirus.

The Capital of Japan, Tokyo, also reported a new daily record of cases, after 493 new cases were identified. Local government sources said that Tokyo will most likely elevate its virus alert level to its highest level in an attempt to curb the spread of the virus, before it spirals out of control. The local government had lowered the alert level from the highest to the current one back on September 10, but on Thursday a panel of experts will analyze the latest statistics, and announce the upgrade of the alert level if deemed necessary.

The third wave of the virus seems to be larger than the second wave Japan experienced during the Summer. The Minister which is in charge of the coronavirus response team said:

I’m really having a stronger sense of caution.

Japanese Minister in charge of the coronavirus response team.

As of Wednesday, Japan reported a total of 119,326 cases and 1,903 deaths since the pandemic began. There are currently 276 patients that are in the intensive care unit using ventilators.

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