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Algeria buys 14 Russian stealth fighter jets.

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Reports have confirmed that Algeria has purchased 14 stealth fighter jets from Russia for $2 billion. The Sukhoi Su-57 jets are among the most advanced in the World. The announcement for the purchase of these fighter jets was done last year, and this has prompted Algeria’s neighbour Morocco to purchase 25 American F-16 fighter jets as a response.

The countries are not on good terms with one another over the Western Sahara region. Borders between the two countries have been closed for decades. The recent purchase of fighter jets on both sides could potentially be an arms race between them.

Recently, Morocco launched an offensive in Western Sahara to stop Polisario Front’s ‘provocations’ in the region. The Sahrawi military group is associated with Algeria, and is in fact its main backer in most talks for Polisario Front’s sovereignty. Polisario Front wants an end to Moroccan presence in the Western Sahara region, something that Morocco has not accepted since its independence from Spain in 1975.

The rift between Algeria and Morocco has been ongoing for over four decades. In 1991, United Nations brokered a ceasefire, after years of conflict. Recently, Moroccan and Algerian intellectuals issued a call for both countries’ leaders for peace and about the existing bond that exists between both countries’ people. Both countries fought together in World War 2 in Italy’s mountains against the Nazis and Italian fascists.

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