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Car crashes into the gates of the Federal Chancellery building in Berlin, Germany.

Image Credit: Reuters

On Wednesday morning, a car crashed into the gates of the Angela Merkel’s Federal Chancellery building in Berlin. The car had messages in white paint on both sides. One of the message was against ‘globalization politics’, while the other blamed the government for the deaths of children and old people. It has been reported that the same car crashed into the same building back in 2014. The 54-year old driver has been taken into custody. It is believed that it is connected to COVID-19 protests.

The crash comes hours before an important meeting that Chancellor Angela Merkel will hold a virtual meeting with regional leaders to decide on whether the COVID-19 safety measures will be extended. Germany is under a light lock-down to stem the rise of coronavirus cases. Today, Germany reported the highest daily death toll since the pandemic began, when 410 fatalities were confirmed. Last week Germany reported the highest daily number of cases since the pandemic began, when 23,676 cases were confirmed. The country is struggling with the rise in cases, and Saxony’s Premier Michael Kretschmer warned in an interview with MDR radio that in the coming weeks, the healthcare system might collapse if the number of new cases do not decrease.

The situation in the hospitals is worrying.. We cannot guarantee medical care at this high level (of infections).

Saxony’s Premier Michael Kretschmer

The virtual meeting will decide on a draft proposal that sees the closure of both restaurants and hotels to be extended, and limit private gatherings to five people. A Christmas exemption from December 23 to January 1, 2021 would allow private gatherings of up to ten people. The government will also extend its financial aid to businesses which were affected by the restrictions, which amounts to around €20 billion in December.

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