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Explosion kills 15 in Afghanistan.

Image Credit: PTI

On Friday, during a religious gathering in central Afghanistan, an explosion killed 15 civilians and wounded 20 others. The explosion occurred in central Ghazni province while a Qur’ran recitation was taking place. The interior minister spokesman Tariq Arian said that the explosives were placed in a carriage carrier at the courtyard of a house in Gilan district.

No group claimed responsibility for the attack, but the Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahed said that the explosion took place due to an unexploded mortar which children were trying to sell as scrap. He expressed sadness that the explosion took place. The Afghanistan government was in talks with Taliban over a peace agreement, but it has been stopped three weeks ago, which could be due to several explosions that took place during the peace agreement.

The peace agreement between the Afghanistan and the Taliban is meant to end a two decade-long conflict. Last February, United States signed a peace deal with the Taliban, and in return would start withdrawing all of their troops.

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