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Two Chinese aircraft seen flying close to Taiwan.

Image Credit: MND photo

It has been reported by Taiwanese authorities that two Chinese aircraft entered Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ) on Friday.

Two PLA aircraft – Y-8 ASW and Y-8 reconnaissance entered Taiwan’s Southwest ADIZ on December 25.

Taiwan Defense Ministry

The Shaanxi Y-8 anti-submarine warfare plane and the Shaanxi Y-8 electronic warfare aircraft entered the ADIZ in Southwest Taiwan, prompting Taiwan to scramble fighter jets, issue radio warnings and also deploy air defense missile systems to track the two Chinese aircraft.

Taiwan military had to scramble their jets around 4,100 times till October of this year, a 129% increase compared to last year. China considers Taiwan as their own land, and vowed to capture it. Recently, China’s aircraft carrier Shandong passed through the Taiwan strait, prompting the Taiwanese military to scramble fighter jets and warships to the area. This is the daily normality of the Taiwanese military.

Recently, a top Japanese defense official urged President- elect Joe Biden to be ‘strong’ in supporting Taiwan against Chinese aggression, and called Taiwan’s safety as a ‘red line’.

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