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Apartment building collapses in Vienna after an explosion.

Image Credit: REUTERS / Alexandra Schwarz-Goerlich

On Friday morning, Austrian authorities reported that an explosion in the suburb of Vienna caused an apartment to collapse. One person was seriously injured, and two escaped with minor injuries.

Fire Brigades, ambulances, helicopter and police swarmed the scene, and the area was cordoned off while the firefighters were controlling the blaze.

Police are convinced that it was an explosion that caused the accident, but further investigation is required to determine the exact cause of the explosion. It is believed to have been a gas leak that caused the explosion. The fourth floor of the apartment building caught fire in the accident and part of the building collapsed. Witnesses reported that they heard a blast at around 8am.

Mayor Andreas Arbesser said that the building looked like it was hit by a bomb, and described the situation as ‘terrible’.

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