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US Navy has three warships in the Black Sea; largest presence in three years.

USS Porter

USS Porter (DDG-78) on January 28, entering the Black Sea. Image Credit: Yörük Işık

The US Navy has three warships that form part of the sixth fleet in the Black Sea, in what is described as the largest presence in three years. On January 28, the destroyer USS Porter entered the Black Sea on a routine patrol, joining destroyer USS Donald Cook and replenishment oiler USNS Laramie.

Russia quickly responded to the increased US Naval presence, and activated its coastal- defense anti-ship system in Crimea. A Russian guided-missile warship, Admiral Makarov, immediately was deployed to confront a US destroyer. It disguised its confrontation under air defense and combat-readiness exercises.

The US Navy said,

The ultimate goal of these operations is to refine joint air defense procedures to better defend US Navy ships,” 

US Navy Sixth Fleet.

Russia has repeatedly denounced NATO operations in the Black Sea, and consider them as a threat to the security and peace in the region. Russia believes that only regional powers should conduct security operations in the Black Sea.

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