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Royal Air Force destroys two caves harbouring ISIS terrorists.

RAF bombs isis

Image Credit: Ministry of Defense

Two caves harboring ISIS terrorists were bombed by the Royal Air Force (RAF) back in January 24th. The RAF typhoon fighter jets fired laser-guided missiles at the caves.

The caves located near Kirkuk, Iraq, were a mile and a half apart and were used as a military base by ISIS. They were detected by a coalition surveillance aircraft on the same day. The surveillance aircraft checked for any civilians the could be in harm’s way, if they were to launch the attack. Afterwards, two fighters jet fired two laser-guided bombs each.

All four of the bombs struck the targets accurately and the strike was assessed to have been a success in eliminating the terrorist threat.

Ministry of Defense.

A week later the top ISIS leader was killed in the city of Kirkuk. Read more about it here:

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