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Israeli military carried out airstrikes in South Syria.

Syria attacked by Israel

Syrian Air Defense intercepting an Israeli missile. Image Credit: AFP

A Syrian official confirmed that Israel’s Defense Forces carried out several airstrikes at targets in Quneitra Province, Southern Syria Wednesday night. It is believed that the airstrikes caused only material damage. The same official also said that Syrian Air Defenses were activated, and some of the missiles were intercepted. Witnesses in Damascus reported hearing sounds of explosions.

The Israeli fighter jets fired their missiles over the Israeli occupied Golan Heights. It is most likely that it hit assets owned by Iranian, as most of Israeli airstrikes are focused on Iranian military forces in Syria. The Israeli military did not comment on their airstrikes as is usual.

Israel’s Air Force destroyed 50 targets in Syria last year. They are continuously monitoring Iran’s military movements in Syria, and launching attacks whenever they feel like its a threat to their country. Unfortunately, this has caused many casualties. On January 22, four civilians, which includes two children were killed by an Israeli missile in the province of Hama.

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