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Mexico starts administering Russian vaccine Sputnik V.

Image Credit: Sputnik V

Mexican authorities announced that they administered their first shots of the Russian vaccine on Wednesday. On Monday, Mexico received its first shipment of around 200,000 doses of the vaccine. The first shots were being given to these individuals above the age of 60 located in poor neighborhoods.

In the capital, long lines of people was seen as people are eager for the vaccine. Mexico is expected to receive a total of 24 million doses of the vaccine, but no information has been given when they will be received.

Mexico had already received and administered 1.5 million doses of the American vaccine Pfizer. It was give mainly to front-line workers. Mexico has also ordered some Astrazeneca doses.

The Russian vaccine, Sputnik V, was initially heavily criticized for its lack of transparency, and for Russian President Vladimir Putin’s announcement that it was the first vaccine in the world, regardless of the absence of Phase 3 trials. This all changed after Phase 3 trial results and more information was revealed about the vaccine effectiveness. A Lancet study revealed that the Sputnik V effectiveness was 92% and that it was safe to use, prompting a number of governments to purchase the vaccine as supply problems from Pfizer and Astrazeneca meant that a number of countries might end up without a vaccine. San Marino bought the vaccine after EU delivery delays of Pfizer, Moderna and Astrazeneca doses. Egypt, North Macedonia, Hungary, Turkey and Argentina have bought the vaccine and started administering it or are in talks for purchasing it.

The vaccine must be stored at -18 C and is believed to offer immunity after a single dose. The vaccine is recombinant adenovirus-based, and that usually means that large doses are required. It also means that manufacturing sites will have large demands to roll-out the vaccine on a global sale.

Since the pandemic began Mexico reported 2,060,908 cases and 182,815 deaths.

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