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Nigerian troops kill 41 Boko Haram terrorists.

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On Monday, Nigerian special forces managed to kill 41 Boko Haram terrorists in Nigeria’s northeastern Borno state.

The spokesman for the Nigerian Army, Mohammed Yerima said that the security forces launched an attack on Boko Haram forces in Musuri and Galwa villages. A number of weapons were recovered and 60 women and children were saved during the operation.

At Musuri, troops encountered elements of the terrorist group and swiftly engaged them in a firefight which lasted for about 45 minutes.

Mohammed Yerina, Nigerian military spokesman.

The equipment and weapons that were recovered during the operation include: Fabric Nationale (FN) rifles, a motorcycle, 12 AK-47s, sewing machine, 6 bicycles, mechanic tool boxes and a huge number of batteries which were used to create improvised explosive devices (IED), and also sex enhancement drugs.

With superior firepower, troops ultimately dominated the area after neutralizing 41 of the terrorists. They also recovered sophisticated weapons and rescued 60 elderly women and children who were in the terrorists’ captivity.

Mohammed Yerina, Nigerian military spokesman.

Unfortunately, during the operation the Nigerian army lost four soldiers and several others were injured.

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