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21 Syrian soldiers killed in an ambush in South Syria.

Screenshot from a youtube video showing the aftermath of the attack. Image Credit: Youtube Screenshot Video of profile ‘Memory of the Syrian Revolution’ (Translated in English).

On Tuesday, in the Southern province of Daraa, Syria, 21 Syrian soldiers loyal to Al-Assad died when they were ambushed by militants loyal to the opposition.

State News Agency, SANA reported that the soldiers were heading to the al-Mzairib district to arrest a former opposition commander. They came under fire by the militants that sought to protect the leader from being captured. Two military trucks and two small buses were attacked by the militants.

Al-Mzairib one of the districts controlled by the former opposition forces, making it a dangerous place for pro-Al-Assad forces to be. Under a Moscow-brokered deal, the rebels were supposedly to leave the area, but many instead remained in the regions owned by former opposition forces. The city of Daraa has witnessed a surge in violence since its capture by government forces. Assassinations, bombings aimed regime forces are very common, but former opposition figures and civilians have also been targeted in the attacks. Most of these attacks have not been claimed by any group.

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