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Russia kills more than 200 ISIS militants in an airstrike in Syria.

Image Credit: AP Photo/Alexander Kots, Komsomolskaya Pravda, Photo via AP

The Russian military announced that they conducted several airtsrikes which killed around 200 Islamic State (ISIS) militants in a training camp near Palymra, East Syria. The camouflaged military base was being used by ISIS to carry out terrorist attacks around Syria, and were also planning to carry out attacks on government offices to destabilize the country ahead of May 26 elections, in which President of Syria Bashar Al-Assad is favourite.

In the attack, Russian warplanes destroyed 24 pickup trups armed with large caliber machine guns and 500 kilograms of explosives and ammunition. The camp was also used to make improvised explosive devices (IED). It is believed that the attack on ISIS was in response to the killing of two Russian soldiers in the desert.

Rear Admiral Aleksandr Karpov, deputy head of the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria said on Monday,

Terrorists train in militant camps on the territory not controlled by Syrian authorities, including the zone of At-Tanf, which is controlled by US armed forces.

Rear Admiral Aleksandr Karpov.

ISIS have lost all of its territories in Syria despite still having a number of fighters that carry out frequent attacks on Syrian regime forces. Back in 2015, the terrorist group captured swathes of land that extended to half of Iraq, and 70% of Syria. In 2015, Syria President asked Russia for milutary assistance.

The caliphate they established was short-lived as both Russian forces and United States forces carried out non-stop attacks on the terrorist group along with other countries. In 2017, ISIS lost all of its territories, and all of their fighters went into hiding.


  1. “including the zone of At-Tanf, which is controlled by US armed forces.”
    Mhm, as we all knew since forever. USA protects and supports ISIS.

    “Syrian regime forces”
    Really? Don’t you think that’s heavily anti-Syrian biased terminology?


    • “May 26 elections, in which President of Syria Bashar Al-Assad is favourite.”
      When Assad wins the election- and why not, he’s beloved by the Syrian people – is the official military still “regime forces”? Just curious.


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